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The lives of gamblers can be made better by the establishment of a community that promotes sharing, provides useful services, provides helpful recommendations, broadcasts rich in media, provides step-by-step coaching, and many other aspects that are one of a kind.

FROOGLOID is the place where gamblers congregate.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Froogloid, where we provide a sharing application that is both free and simple to operate. We are a website geared toward gambling that is operated by gamblers specifically for gamblers, and we provide information pertaining to gambling.

It is impossible to exaggerate how beneficial experience is.

1997 marked the beginning of operations for the website. Since then, numerous advancements have been made in a variety of areas, most notably the website, the internet, and online gaming in general. Over the course of our existence, we have also transitioned from having a single web site to having an extensive network of portals. We would appreciate it if you could browse around and provide feedback afterward. In June of 2014, we just recently introduced a newly updated version of both our global and local websites.

Adjusting to Life in a Connected Society

We’ve progressed in ways that go beyond just physical changes. Following the tremendous success of our first website, www.froogloid.com, we have expanded our operations to more than 65 locations across the globe. We provide over 35 different language options for our extensive variety of services, each of which is tailored to meet the requirements of the communities that we serve. Our website, which is designed to accommodate gamers from all over the world, is bilingual and includes support for a variety of languages in addition to English. On a local website associated with the OCR Network, players from all over the world have the opportunity to read news, information, and reviews written in their own language.

Is It True That This Is What We’ve Been Trying to Accomplish?

In addition to offering coverage of the latest news in the sector, we also provide access to a wide variety of helpful tools and services. There is a lively discussion forum, blogs and tag clouds in your own personal area, jackpot meters that update in real time, rich-media gambling instructions and courses, and a great deal of other incredible features can be discovered on this website.

What Kind of Organization We Are

You may find us on the pages of the website if you’d like to say hello. On those pages, you’ll also find the most recent information, such as gaming advice, casino reviews, videos, and more. Check out the staff page on our website to learn more about the people who are responsible for the information that you see and read.

Who or what do we Have Complete Confidence in?

We now have a new way to stay in touch with all of our players, share information about the site’s offerings (including special deals), and answer any questions you may have concerning our products, technology, and editorial stances on gambling-related matters thanks to the OCR Blog. We will share information about the site’s offerings (including special deals), and share information about the site’s offerings.

What You Carry Out and What You Fail to Carry Out

Our primary objective as a community is to bring people together on the basis of the interests and experiences they already have in common across a wide variety of pursuits and gatherings. To put it another way, you have each and every one of our focus right now. Without your assistance, the concept of “community” simply could not be conveyed in the same way.


House Tech Ads Limited is the sole owner of the website www.froogloid.com. This website is dedicated to providing reviews of various online casinos.

Yehuda, Israel is the location of House Tech Ads’ headquarters and administrative offices.


We at Froogloid are thankful for each and every new member that joins our network, and we express this gratitude publicly. We are thankful and appreciative of your presence today.