Makeover Your Fall Wardrobe With These Tips and Suggestions 

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You’ve been thoroughly enjoying the fact that you’ve been able to get away with wearing nothing but your summer wardrobe essentials for the past few months. You’ve been dressed in swimsuits, sandals, and cutoff shorts, as well as tank tops and t-shirts. 

Now that the hot weather of summer has given way to the cool weather of autumn, you’re probably wondering what to wear during the upcoming days and nights that will be significantly cooler. Because you were able to store your warm layers and forget about them for an extended period, your fall wardrobe may be showing signs of wear and tear. 

The good news is that fall weather is one of the most enjoyable for which to dress

This is because the fall weather allows you to layer all of your favorite pieces to create outfits that are unique to you and express your sense of style. In addition, the colors that are in style during the fall are deep and stunning, and you won’t want to miss out on wearing them. Understandably, your fall wardrobe could use some updating, but this doesn’t have to be a stressful process for you. 

Continue reading for some of our best tips and ideas for transforming your drab fall wardrobe into something vibrant, colorful, and a lot of fun to wear every day. 

Layer after layer after layer! 

The most important thing to remember about autumn is that layering is your new best friend. You can look adorable in boho clothing at any of the fall events you have planned this season if you pair your favorite top layers with your favorite essentials and then add another extra layer just for fun. Because fall fashion is typically more intricate than summer fashion, now is the time to demonstrate your ability to put together elaborate ensembles by combining a wide range of separates. 

Despite this, you can still put together simple fall outfits by following this formula: a base layer (perhaps a long-sleeved top and pants or a dress), a light top layer (perhaps a sweater, button-down, or cardigan), and a heavy top layer (if necessary) (like a coat or vest). Then, before leaving the house, complete your fashionable look by adding your shoes, purse, and other accessories. 

Find some nice boots and warm shoes here 

Even though you can bring some of your summer staples of boho clothing into the fall with you (like lightweight pants, graphic tees, and summer dresses), one change to your outfit that you’ll want to make is swapping out your sandals for some warmer shoes. When the temperature outside begins to drop, it is critical to prioritize keeping your feet warm. Fortunately, there is a wide range of adorable fall shoes available that will keep your toes warm. When it comes to fall footwear, you don’t have to worry about running out of options because you can choose from dressy or casual boots, low-top or high-top sneakers, closed-toe flats, or even heels! 

Don’t Forget These Essential Fall Accessories

Because the weather will feel and look similar, you’ll be able to dress similarly to how you did earlier in the year during some of the transitional periods between summer and fall. Regardless, it is time to add the essential fall accessories to your outfits as the wind begins to bite closer to winter. Wear insulating items such as knit hats, scarves, gloves, ear warmers, and thick boot socks when you are in a cold environment or outdoors. These items will aid in keeping your body temperature stable. 

Wear dark colors and earthy tones to look sophisticated 

As previously stated, the fall color palettes are possibly the most breathtaking, both to experience and to wear. When you look around you in the fall, you can’t help but notice the vibrant foliage changing colors, the breathtaking sunsets, the fruits, and vegetables in season, and the landscapes that bring new colors to the year. 

And, of course, this means it’s time to dress in the lovely colors you have in your closet. Some of our favorite fall colors that are also flattering are mustard gold, pumpkin spice orange, rust red, rich plum, emerald green, and dark navy blue. If you are a fan of boho fashion, the colors of fall can highlight the whimsical and pattern-filled boho clothing that you adore. 

Look for warm and insulating materials 

When shopping for new fall clothing to update your wardrobe, look for insulating fabrics and accessories that can be layered over existing outfits to provide instant warmth. Heavy fabrics like wool, knits, velvet, denim and even cotton allow you to bring only one extra layer of warmth rather than a slew of coats and jackets.

This is because heavier fabrics trap more heat than lighter fabrics. Single layers made of cozy materials are a good fashion choice if you want to simplify your outfits. For example, this could be a top or a pair of pants. Even in gloomy weather, you can keep a bright and cheery look by wearing warm fabrics with boho clothing patterns and prints. 

Dresses are best worn with sweaters and tights 

There’s no need to hide all of your adorable mini and maxi dresses this fall. Instead, follow the layering rule and dress them up with wool sweaters and tights. By wearing a bulky sweater with full-length pants and toasty footwear, you not only avoid overheating but also look adorable in this boho-inspired ensemble. After all, early autumn can have some beautiful sunny days that don’t require much extra clothing.