Stealing a Cursed Diamond & Diplomat Murders

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When we think of notorious heists, names like the Antwerp diamond heist or the Lufthansa heist at JFK might come to mind, immortalized in movies like “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Goodfellas.” However, some heists remain hidden in the shadows, and the Blue Diamond Affair is one such captivating tale that has evaded the silver screen. This intricate story involves diplomatic tensions, police corruption, fraud, abduction, assassinations, and murder, all stemming from a heist that remains unsolved to this day. Today, we delve into the enigmatic Blue Diamond Affair and the astonishing events that unfolded.

Our story begins innocently enough in the palace-home of Saudi Prince Faisal bin Fahd, where a Thai janitor and gardener named Kriangkrai Techamong toiled. Kriangkrai, deep in financial troubles due to his gambling debts, faced a dilemma that led him down a treacherous path. With ingenuity and desperation as his allies, he embarked on a life-altering journey that would soon capture the world’s attention.

In 1989, Prince Faisal was set for a three-month vacation, presenting an opportunity Kriangkrai couldn’t ignore. Armed with insider knowledge and unrestricted access to the palace, Kriangkrai discovered that three of the four safes holding the prince’s vast jewel collection were carelessly left unlocked during his absence. With meticulous planning, Kriangkrai made his move, taking hundreds of pounds of priceless jewelry, ingeniously concealing some on his person and the rest in a vacuum cleaner’s bag.

With the loot in tow, Kriangkrai swiftly departed for Thailand before Prince Faisal’s vacation concluded. To ensure a smooth entry, he bribed customs agents to turn a blind eye to his bag, which he claimed contained adult materials, preventing any scrutiny. Kriangkrai returned to Lampang, a province in northern Thailand, seemingly victorious.

The Priceless Treasure

Kriangkrai’s audacious heist netted him an astonishing treasure trove valued at approximately twenty million dollars. Among the stolen items were exquisite jewelry, luxurious timepieces, dazzling rubies, and a colossal 50-carat blue diamond, rumored to carry a curse. Interestingly, there are no known images of this enigmatic blue diamond, leaving us to rely solely on accounts from Kriangkrai and Saudi officials.

Securing a buyer for stolen, exceptionally precious jewelry proved to be an arduous task. Kriangkrai’s struggle was far from over after the heist, as he sought to convert his ill-gotten gains into cash. Eventually, jeweler Santhi Sithanakan agreed to acquire the stolen valuables, though the transaction details remained undisclosed.

Unveiling the Thief

In January 1990, Saudi authorities successfully identified Kriangkrai as the thief. Thai police officer Lieutenant-General Chalor Kerdthes, a devoted Elvis Presley fan, led the operation to apprehend Kriangkrai and recover the stolen gems from jeweler Santhi. Kriangkrai’s guilty plea and lack of resistance led to his prison sentence being reduced from seven to three years.

Lieutenant-General Chalor played a pivotal role in the saga by leading a delegation to Saudi Arabia to return the confiscated diamonds. However, the story took a bewildering twist as the Saudis discovered that the jewels they received were not genuine but rather intricate paste replicas. The most significant piece, the alleged “cursed” 50-carat blue diamond, remained missing, and only 80% of the stolen jewels were recovered.

The Blue Diamond’s Cursed Legacy

One lesser-known aspect of the Blue Diamond Affair is the mysterious curse that surrounded the 50-carat blue diamond. According to accounts, this extraordinary gem was believed to carry a curse, bringing misfortune and tragedy to its possessors. While there is limited information available about the nature of this curse, it adds an eerie layer to the already perplexing tale. Many speculate that the curse may have played a role in the events that unfolded during the heist and its aftermath.

Despite the blue diamond’s central role in the heist, no photographic evidence or detailed descriptions of the gem exist. The absence of visual documentation adds an air of mystique to the already enigmatic affair. Questions linger about the true nature and appearance of the fabled blue diamond, leaving room for speculation and intrigue.

Mysterious Connections

The Blue Diamond Affair’s web of connections extends beyond the primary characters involved. While Kriangkrai Techamong and Lieutenant-General Chalor Kerdthes played central roles, other individuals connected to the case remain shrouded in mystery. Exploring the lesser-known figures and their potential motives adds depth to the narrative, revealing a complex network of interests.

The Blue Diamond Affair unfolded against a backdrop of cultural significance. Both Thailand and Saudi Arabia shared a unique cultural exchange, with thousands of Thais working in Saudi Arabia and tourists from the Middle East visiting Thailand. The cultural dynamics and diplomatic implications surrounding the heist offer a fascinating angle worth exploring.

Beyond the blue diamond, the stolen jewels held immense value. Delving into the specifics of the jewelry collection, the craftsmanship, and the historical significance of individual pieces paints a vivid picture of the treasures that Kriangkrai sought to acquire. Each piece had its own story, making the heist a robbery of cultural and artistic heritage.

Despite investigations and arrests, crucial questions remain unanswered in the Blue Diamond Affair. The true identity of the blue diamond, the whereabouts of missing pieces, and the motives behind the heist continue to baffle investigators and enthusiasts alike. Exploring these lingering mysteries adds an element of suspense to the narrative.

The heist strained diplomatic relations between Thailand and Saudi Arabia. While both countries shared common interests, the incident highlighted vulnerabilities in their relationship. Investigating the impact of the Blue Diamond Affair on international diplomacy and the efforts to resolve the crisis sheds light on the broader geopolitical implications.

Conspiracies and Cover-Ups

The Blue Diamond Affair sparked numerous conspiracy theories and allegations of cover-ups. Some believe that hidden agendas and powerful individuals influenced the investigation and its outcomes. Delving into these conspiracy theories reveals the layers of intrigue surrounding the case.

The Legacy of Lieutenant-General Chalor

Lieutenant-General Chalor Kerdthes, known for his Elvis Presley fandom, played a pivotal role in the recovery of the stolen jewels. However, his involvement in the case had far-reaching consequences. Exploring Chalor’s life, career, and the impact of the Blue Diamond Affair on his legacy provides a unique perspective on the events.

Ongoing Investigations

Surprisingly, the Blue Diamond Affair remains unsolved to this day. While some arrests were made and some of the stolen jewels were recovered, key questions remain unanswered. Investigative efforts continue, and the case remains an open chapter in the annals of international crime. Understanding the current state of investigations and the persistent efforts to unravel the truth adds a contemporary dimension to the story.

The Blue Diamond Affair’s legacy stretches beyond the confines of a single event. It serves as a testament to the enduring allure of unsolved mysteries and the complexities of international diplomacy. This captivating narrative reminds us that, beneath the surface of seemingly straightforward incidents, layers of intrigue, cultural dynamics, and hidden motives can shape the course of history. The Blue Diamond Affair remains a compelling chapter in the world of true crime, challenging us to unravel its secrets and contemplate the mysteries that continue to elude resolution.