Which Video Poker Varieties Provide the Highest Odds Against the House? 

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Certain varieties of video poker have a lower house advantage than others. Even the strongest game on this list may have a bad house advantage if the awards for flushes and complete houses were at the low end of the scale. 

It is possible for video poker games to offer a 100% return; if you play correctly, you will not incur any cash losses during the game. These are quite rare. Games with returns of more than one hundred percent are especially rarer. When a jackpot hits this level, it has attained its ultimate potential. The chances of winning a progressive for a royal flush are incredibly slim, but the massive payoff available when it does happen builds positive anticipation for the game. 

The following is a summary of some of the most prevalent house edges available in various varieties of video poker, keeping in mind that pay tables vary greatly: 

  • The Deuces Wild format has a success rate of 100.76 percent. 
  • 96.07 percent in Joker Poker 
  • Jacks or Better has a success percentage of 99.54 percent. 
  • Ultimate X Poker: 99.2 percent for the Bonus Poker game. 
  • The idea here is to decide which cards to draw when playing video poker. 

There are a few general criteria that can be applied to almost any video poker hand. However, if you want to gain the most advantage possible, you must be familiar with the odd conditions that may emerge in the individual game that you are playing. 

In a game of Jacks or Better, breaking any hand with jack-jack or higher is exceedingly rare. Even if you only need four cards to complete a conventional flush or straight, you are not required to break that winning pair. The straight flush and royal flush are the two exceptions, as both require four cards to complete. Even the smallest of partnerships is rarely broken. If you hit trips or a better hand, the conventional strategy in this game is to keep any pairs under jacks. In this case, four cards of the same suit or a draw to an outer straight should be preferred. 

If you don’t hit any pairs during the hand, holding high cards is the default position in jacks or better. When given the chance, keep the high cards of the same suit together. Even while the chances of you getting a royal flush are extremely low, the massive payoff that you earn when it does has a major impact on the total outcomes. There are no scenarios in which you would draw without playing a wildcard in games where wildcards are used. 

When asked, some players will tell you that they prefer going for the royal flush, despite the fact that the correct approach is to hold the top pair. The casino’s profit increases as a result of this, but if it results in greater enjoyment for the player (and if they are aware of the odds), the exhilaration of winning the occasional royal flush can compensate. 

A simple chart for the video poker game Jacks or Better 

In Jacks or Better, this is a simple method for remembering which cards to draw and which to preserve. You only need to go down the line to use this; if any of the descriptions fit you, you should play accordingly. If you can’t discover any matches, you must go to the bottom of the list, which consists of drawing all five cards and crossing your fingers: 

  • You win if you have a royal flush, a straight flush, or any quads (four of a kind). 
  • With any four cards, you can construct a royal flush (break high pairings and flushes here). 
  • A straight flush is a complete house that is made flush, straight or three of a kind. 
  • Keep your four cards in a straight flush (but do not break a made flush). 
  • Keep two pairs on hand. 
  • Keep an elevated pair (jacks or above). 
  • To get a royal flush, you must have three cards. 
  • A regular flush requires four cards to complete. 
  • Keep any low-cost pair (twos through 10s). 
  • You must have four cards to make an outside straight. 
  • Keep two high cards from the same suit. 
  • To complete a straight flush, keep these three cards. 
  • Hold any two high cards of a different suit. 
  • You may keep any of your high cards. 
  • If none of the conditions listed above are met, draw all five cards. 

Can I play video poker online if I live in Canada? 

Canadians can play online video poker through one of three approved venues. The first option is for persons who live in areas where lotteries provide internet gaming. Examples include the PlayNow portal in British Columbia and Manitoba, the EspaceJeux site in Quebec, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation portal in the Atlantic provinces, and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation portal in Ontario. 

You can also play legal casino games including slots, table games, keno, and video poker at sweepstakes casinos. These legal apps convert games into fast sweepstakes events and employ a two-currency method to deliver real money games for “free.” 

Finally, there are free video poker games as well as trial games that you may try out. These options will direct you to the type of game that most suits your preferences, teach you the right approach, and educate you about the pay tables and return rates. 

Casino comps and incentives, as well as video poker offers 

The fact that video poker has a lower house edge than other games counts against them when it comes to casino bonuses. Given the foregoing, it is strongly advised that you always sign up for a casino loyalty program and keep track of your gameplay. To keep track of your games, you will be issued a card that can be used in combination with the video poker machine. Following that, the casino will use this information to determine your free play and eligibility for particular promotions such as drawings or birthday bonuses. Using the same card at some resorts will also get you discounts at the resort’s restaurants, bars, and stores. 

Those who enjoy playing video poker machines can also take advantage of the bonuses provided by online casinos. These include matched welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, loyalty rewards, and a wide range of special promotional deals. Before you start playing, you should look into the “weighting” that each casino gives to video poker. While some Canadian online casinos would give it a 10% weighting, others will remove it entirely from their gaming options. It is not too late to take advantage of these additional offers. You should use the bonuses for slot play, and then use the money you acquired after clearing the bonus to play video poker. This is a solid method. 

Management of video poker bankrolls 

Several casino games offer extremely high stakes. This means that you will have some profitable sessions, but also some losing streaks, and only a few sessions where you will break even. Video poker is the inverse of this. This game has several rounds of play that are very near to breaking even, a few unlucky ones where you can’t hit a hand, and only the occasional round where you win a big amount. 

Your overall bankroll may not need to be as huge when playing video poker as it does when playing casino poker games or craps. This rule applies to all types of gambling: never gamble with more money than you can afford to lose. Establishing stop-loss limits for losing streaks will help you keep control of the issue. If you discover that you have a gambling addiction, live casinos have booklets with phone numbers and websites of organizations that can help you. 

The video poker games available in Canada 

Video poker is popular among many individuals. Despite the efforts of game developers such as NetEnt and IGT to create innovative new varieties of the game, traditional variations of video poker remain popular. For many years, gamblers have enjoyed playing poker versions such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Joker Poker. People who are looking for games with a strategy component and a low house advantage are still drawn to these options. The chance of a massive win is critical. 

When you first start playing video poker, it is critical to start with five coins and hunt for pay tables that offer the best value. If you find a game that pays 9/6 and uses the proper strategy, your profits from video poker could be greater than 99 percent. When casino incentives, promotions, and free play chances are considered, video poker provides players with a superior return on investment than practically every other slot machine and casino table game combined.