Betting With Free Money From Online Casinos

Tom Venter
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Did you know that it is possible these days to get free money that you can use at online casinos? This means more than just getting a bonus, that has to be wagered in a certain way and that will come based on a deposit or on registration. Getting free money for online casinos is something that people can do but that not many of them know about and this is a shame since there is a lot of money to be claimed.

Who would offer free money for online casinos?

One of the main bodies that will offer you free money to play is a casino themselves. They will give players the chance to become an affiliate, that is, to do some marketing on their behalf and claim free money that they can use at the casino for doing it. This is something that often takes the form of a refer-a-friend bonus, a monetary gift for getting a friend or family member to sign up. Most casinos are happy to reward you for doing this because it means they don’t have to spend as much money on marketing. It is a no-risk spend for them.

Online surveys

Sometimes, casinos need to be analyzed and assessed and the only way to do this is to get the feedback of ordinary players. To get this feedback, players need to be offered money, or they will not bother with a survey. You see, players at online casinos, and in fact almost everyone in the world, are motivated by money and when the casino wants them to perform some kind of action, it has to offer them something in return.

So is this money condition-free?

The truth is that not all money received from online casinos comes free of conditions and you would be well advised to check for certain wagering requirements before you accept any money for performing any task. While some casinos will allow you a free monetary amount that you can use at the casino or cash out, others will give you a ‘bonus’ which comes with certain terms and conditions attached to it.

Before playing free casino games you might as well ask yourself why the games are offered to you free of cost. After all, these are businesses, and they must earn the revenues to make a profit. By offering free games they are denied of this opportunity. You should know that the free games are offered because of several reasons. But do remember here that not all websites are offering these free games at this time. Only a few of them do. Let us now take a closer look at why these games are on offer.

Why Casino Sites Offer Free Games

One reason could be that the online casino or casinos are trying to bait you by offering freebies in the hope that once you take the bait, you will get hooked up to play for real money. It indeed happens quite often. These games are so addictive that many players begin to play for real money soon enough. Remember, you cannot make any money even if you win these free casino games. So it is likely that once you get hooked into Internet casino, and win a few games, you will probably want to play for money so that you can actually make some money from your wins.

The other reason could be a more serious matter. There are websites that exist solely to collect your personal information – your name, email address, phone number and other such details. These websites will ask you to register before you can play your free casino games. Once they have your details, they will then sell it to other businesses that are interested to get such details. These businesses will then begin to contact you through emails and phone calls.

Of course you can stay away from them. You can decide not to fill out the form. But does this mean that you will not be able to play your free casino games? Hardly! The good news is that, there are websites where you can play these games for free and that too without registering yourself. In other words, you can just visit the website, choose your game and start playing. It is that simple. All you have to do is just find these websites. You can find them easily enough as there are many of them on the Internet too. Just be careful about the websites and you should be fine.