Examining the Hoover H-Free 500 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

Tom Venter
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One of the most exciting aspects of adulthood is the day you upgrade to a new vacuum cleaner. When you finish a thorough cleaning of your carpets, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Buying a new vacuum cleaner is the single most enjoyable thing you can do to make housework more enjoyable. 

Given that I am a mother of three children, you can imagine that my carpets and vacuum get a lot of use. I have a young child who enjoys getting dirty and a toddler who turns every meal into crumbs rather than eating them. My children both enjoy getting their hands dirty. Although the adolescent makes little mess, it appears that she and I both shed long hair wherever we go. Our house desperately needs a dependable vacuum cleaner. 

As a result, I was ecstatic when I was asked to contribute to this review of the Hoover H-Free 500 cordless vacuum cleaner. 

I’ve been looking for a good handheld vacuum for a long time. I’ve noticed that the muscles in my stomach make it difficult for me to carry a heavy full-size vacuum up and down stairs since I gave birth to my youngest daughter a few years ago. This is especially true when ascending or descending flights of stairs. I find it especially difficult to completely vacuum the stairs, so the opportunity to use a lightweight cordless vacuum that can still perform the same functions as a corded vacuum was very welcome. 

I couldn’t wait to start using it as part of my regular cleaning routine at home because I’d heard so many good things about it. 

The box contains a black and red Hoover H-Free 500 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The box itself is sleek and lightweight, and the contents are tightly packed. It has very little plastic packaging, and I was able to recycle all of the cardboard by placing it in the appropriate cardboard waste bin. I adore it when companies put thought into their packaging. 

When you first open the box, you’ll find the user manual, a box with an extra filter, and the charger wrapped in a layer of card. The vacuum, as well as all of its attachments, can be found beneath the card layer. 

The box for the Hoover H-Free 500 cordless vacuum cleaner includes the vacuum cleaner, the bin, the attachments, the charger, the wall mount, an extra filter, and the instructions. There are no unpleasant surprises, such as the need to purchase additional components, because the vacuum comes with everything you would expect. 

Carpet attachment for the Hoover H-Free 500 cordless vacuum cleaner 

As standard accessories, this Hoover model includes a crevice tool, a dusting brush head, a large dusting tool, and an upholstery tool. Because each of these functions is important in its own right, choosing a more portable vacuum will not negate any of its advantages. 

What is the weight of the Hoover H-Free 500 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner? 

The vacuum’s light weight is a pleasant surprise. As previously stated, lifting anything with a bit of weight hurts my stomach; however, the Hoover H-Free 500 cordless vacuum cleaner is easy to lift, carry around, and bring up and down stairs. It also has a large capacity for dirt and debris collection. Despite its stated weight of 2.2 kilograms, it handles and feels much lighter. 

Is it effective on a variety of different surfaces? 

My downstairs flooring is a mix of carpet and laminate, and my upstairs bathroom flooring is a mix of carpet and linoleum. This vacuum works great on every surface I’ve tried it on. The rotation of the dust brush is controlled by a button located on the carpet (it should rotate on the carpet and not on hard floors). 

The attachments can also be used to remove cobwebs from the ceiling and soft furnishings, both of which are in difficult-to-reach areas. 

Is the performance of the Hoover H-Free 500 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comparable to that of a traditional corded vacuum? 

To compare, I’d say it’s comparable to a corded vacuum. There is a “turbo” button that increases the suction, so if your kids are like mine and like to track crumbs into the carpet, you can be confident that the turbo setting will remove every last crumb. 

Is the battery in good condition? 

I’ve had great luck with the battery’s longevity. It charges quickly and maintains its charge for an extended period. The battery will deplete faster if you use the turbo mode; however, if you only do quick “one-over” vacuuming, it will last for several days. 

What do you think of the Hoover H-Free 500 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, and would you recommend it? 

Absolutely! This Hoover model is my personal favorite, and I believe that every home should have at least one. I’ve just persuaded my mother to get one for doing her stairs. I use it every day and once gave my carpets a thorough cleaning with the powder cleaner that you scrub into your carpet pile and then vacuum up. This is an excellent vacuum cleaner, and I strongly advise you to purchase one as a special treat for yourself.