Money Management When Playing At Online Casinos

Tom Venter
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The term money management at online casinos may seem like an oxymoron. Not only are online casinos fun, which means you will want to keep going regardless of the status of your money, but they entice you in such a way that you think you are closer to a win than you really are, and will keep playing until you go broke. Is there a strategy that you can use to ensure you manage your money better at an online casino and don’t go from bankroll to bankrupt in minutes?

Managing your real money account

The best system to ensure you manage your money well when you play is to never put more money into your account than you can afford to lose. Don’t play your rent money in a poker game or spend your grocery money on the slots. Online casinos are supposed to be fun, so if you are going to play, ensure that the money you spend is inconsequential, and that if you lose it, you won’t be penniless in real life. Some casinos allow you to buy prepaid cards that ensure you will not spend more than the amount of the card you purchase. With a real money account, it can be very tempting to keep depositing over and over, because your luck may change.

Making your money last

Thanks to the huge betting denominations that casinos have, you could easily blow your entire real money account contents in a matter of minutes, no matter how small or large the amount was. To ensure that you get the best casino experience possible, it pays to play at lower denominations. Sure, if you strike it lucky, you won’t win as much money, but an online casino is not just about winning, but about fun. If you are chasing the win, you will come up short.

Money management at online casinos for beginners

Beginners need to be aware that when it comes to money management at online casinos, this is not something they need to do themselves. Many online casinos want their players to keep coming back time and time again, rather than going broke after a few games and giving up forever. To ensure the players don’t go bankrupt, they have a variety of tools in place, all of which, when working in conjunction, ensure that you can keep playing long term. One of these is an account limit, which you can set when you call the customer support centre. They will be able to cap your account to ensure you don’t go over a certain limit every day, and so that you never spend more than you should. Most casinos also have support centres for those who spend too much, that can talk you through the budgeting process.